corridor upgrades

Attracting Tenants: Amenity Renovations for Improved Advertising

With so much competition, attracting the best tenants can be challenging. Potential tenants are always looking for the best option for them and their lifestyle. You want your building to stand out amongst the crowd. That’s where property marking comes into play. You have to position your building as the best option for any potential…

corridor upgrade

The Impact of Corridor Upgrades in Multi-Family Housing

Investing in multi-family housing is a major commitment. You want your property to operate smoothly and generate positive revenue, but you also want the property to increase in value overall. Making improvements tends to do this, but you have to be careful about the renovations you decide to pay for. Investing significant resources into parking…

Turnkey renovation

From Floor to Ceiling: What to Expect with a Turnkey Renovation

Almost all businesses and service providers rely on suitable commercial businesses, and as it stands there are more than 5.9 million commercial buildings in the US. Commercial buildings vary greatly in terms of design and quality, but none last forever. You may have a property you want to renovate, or you may need to build one from…

new build or renovation

Choosing the Right Team for Your New Build or Renovation Project

As a commercial property manager, the quality of your new build or renovation project starts and ends with your construction team. Your contractors oversee the execution of your design, ensuring they meet industry standards and comply with local building regulations. Thus, they can make or break your construction plan. How can you ensure you get…

upgrade your fitness center

How an Upgrade to Your Fitness Center Can Attract and Retain More Tenants

The CDC recommends that adults clock in 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. They also suggest at least two days of strength training. It’s hard to meet these guidelines without a well-equipped gym. Are you a landlord seeking new ways to attract and keep tenants? That’s where the quality of tenant amenities comes in. Among these…