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Rehab Your Multi-family Property for the Baby Boomer Market

New Emerging Market Baby boomers are still the largest generation but most have reached retirement age. Many of whom have different housing needs than millennials. If you manage a multi-family apartment building, rehabbing them to take advantage of the baby boomer market could provide lucrative income. But you have to understand the needs and desires…

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Keep Your Commercial Renovation on Schedule

How to Stay on Schedule With Your Commercial Renovation   Planning a renovation project is an exciting time, but these days, many project managers are frustrated by the obstacles slowing down the construction industry. In recent months, the construction industry has seen delays in procuring materials, a labor shortage, and fluctuating prices for materials. When…

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Questions To Ask Before Remodeling an Apartment Complex

Preparing For An Apartment Complex Remodel  Various opportunities lie in a vacant commercial property. One of those opportunities is to convert it into a multi-family apartment complex. This can be done with office buildings or former residential properties. Complete Conversion Services understands the ins and outs of commercial space repurposing, and we can help you…