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Questions To Ask Before Remodeling an Apartment Complex

Preparing For An Apartment Complex Remodel  Various opportunities lie in a vacant commercial property. One of those opportunities is to convert it into a multi-family apartment complex. This can be done with office buildings or former residential properties. Complete Conversion Services understands the ins and outs of commercial space repurposing, and we can help you…

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How to Increase Your Building’s Value Without Disrupting Tenants

Add Value Without Disrupting Tenants Investing in multi-family residences can be lucrative. To make it more profitable, however, you have to consider a value-add play. Value-add plays occur when you purchase a building with units below market value, renovate them, and adjust the rent to a more fitting price for an updated living space. The…

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The Basics of Choosing a General Contractor for Your Multifamily Facility

Choose Your Contractor Wisely  If you are planning to develop or renovate a multifamily facility, your choice of a general contractor is important. The general contractor is in charge of the permits, design, supplies, building code compliance, and even hiring other subcontractors. Without a qualified contractor, you may have trouble with the job being done…