As winter creeps closer, you may feel some nervousness over your building’s ability to withstand the storms. At Complete Conversion Services, we dedicate our efforts to providing high-quality construction services. We understand how critical it is to protect your building through the colder season.

Keep the Lobby Clean

Your lobby is a high-traffic area and where the building’s first impression is made. In winter, guests, tenants, or staff may track salt and sand through the building. If you do not have mats or rugs to catch the material, it can be abrasive and damaging to your floors.

Strengthen the Roof

Without a strong roof, snow and water can harm the exterior of your building. Snow and ice can disrupt your drainage system or redirect water to areas without protection. You may want to consider adding a slope to your roof to help drain water and ice. Likewise, we suggest sealing the edges of high slope roofs to reduce ice dams. Without a slope or drainage system, the snow and ice could overload the roof and cause it to collapse. Snow guards may also be able to prevent snow from layering in the gutter.

Protect the HVAC System

Without your HVAC system, your building’s occupants could suffer from the cold. Your HVAC system is the first line of defense throughout winter. To protect your HVAC system, you may need a snow hood, wind baffle, or unit stand to prevent snow and ice from causing damage to the overall system.

Your building’s exterior undergoes a lot of abuse throughout the winter months. Inclement weather can cause severe roof and exterior damage if you do not prepare for it. Your building should protect people inside from the weather. At Complete Conversion Services, we understand that preparation is the best way to protect your building. Contact us today at (410)-437-8461 to preserve your building’s exterior.